Why you should take your dog with you while running errands?

Why you should take your dog with you while running errands?

Running errands is usually not the most exciting thing to do, however if you’re taking your dog with you, you can guarantee that the experience will be infinitely more enjoyable – for the both of you! Sometimes you have a packed schedule and time is running low so combining taking your dog out with you and getting your errands done is the perfect combination.

If whatever you need to do for the day involves getting into the car for a short drive, then this is the perfect opportunity to take your dog with you, especially if they are a puppy. It is a good idea to get your puppy used to as many experiences as possible while they are young, so they are less likely to develop fears or aversions to certain things later down the line when they are adults and usually harder to train.

Travelling by car can be a source of stress for many dogs so it’s best to work on getting them used to driving with you as soon as you can. Taking your dog with you also gives them new things to experience that they may not get to see on their regular daily walk. New sights, smells, and places can really excite and stimulate your dog.

Of course, when you are taking your dog out with you for errands you need to assess whether it is best for them to stay home or come with you. If it is a hot day it is best that your dog stays home where it will have constant access to a cooler area to seek out some shade if need be. Also make sure that you do not have hours and hours of things to do.

Although your dog will want to spend time with you, being out for the whole day and not necessarily with you the entire time may cause them some distress. Additionally, if you are popping into a store that does not allow your dog inside, make sure the place you leave them is, as much as possible, within your field of vision and ideally wearing a Safely Secured dog lead and harness. If you make sure to take these considerations into account, you will ensure that you and your dog have an enjoyable time together while you run some errands!

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