Why French Bulldogs Are The Best Dogs

Why French Bulldogs Are The Best Dogs

Frenchies are having a moment. And why not?

French Bulldogs are one of the cutest and most loved dogs on the planet. Stocky and smush-faced, Frenchies have their charms. They have a wonderful appearance and portable size with an unmatchable sweet and playful temperament. In fact, nothing is better than a delightful, soul-soothing cuddle with your Frenchie.

You can spot the Frenchies everywhere - at cafes, and parks, wrapped up in little coats. And guess what? They’ve been a favorite among celebrities, too! Frenchies have some famous friends and are seen with David Beckham, Reese Witherspoon and Georgia May Jagger.

About French Bulldogs 

The French Bulldog is a medium-to-small-sized compact dog with a muscular body. They rank high on the list of the most popular and expensive dog breeds. 



Dog Breed Group/Purpose

Non-Sporting Group, Companion dogs

Average Height

11-13 inches

Average Weight

under 28 pounds

Energy Level


Social/Attention Needs


Life Expectancy

Around 10 - 12 years

Litter Size

Average of 3 - 5 puppies 

Why do we absolutely adore French Bulldogs?

Frenchies are simply adorable – their squished little faces are to die for. 

  • French Bulldogs are sweet, friendly, and easy-going. Cute, mischievous and a hilarious little sense of humour, Frenchies are a great source of entertainment.
  • The little guys don’t require much exercise and are happy to live in small spaces, making them a popular choice for city folk.
  • Frenchies would rather cuddle up on your lap than go for a 3 hour long walk. The perfect snoozing companion!
  • They’re super playful and rarely bark – an absolute dream!
  • These beauties are very sensitive and are incredible attention seekers.
  • Frenchies are perfect with kids. They have the traits to become a great babysitter.
  • Their smooth, short-haired coat is super easy to keep clean. You can easily keep them in tip-top condition.
  • These companion dogs need the attention of their owners. They thrive when they are around their human family members.

20 famous French Bulldog owners

Don’t you love it when you scroll through your feed and see that your favorite celebrity posted another picture or video of their Frenchie? 

Well, it’s not surprising that many famous celebrities have lasting bonds with their French Bulldogs. There are a lot of celebrities with French Bulldogs. Here are 20 famous Frenchie owners:

  1. Lady Gaga
  2. Ashley Olson
  3. Leonardo Dicaprio
  4. Carrie Fisher
  5. Christina Perri
  6. David Beckham
  7. Denise Richards
  8. Dieter Schmitz
  9. Dwayne Johnson
  10. Eva Longoria
  11. Hillary Duff
  12. Hugh Jackman
  13. Jason Priestly
  14. Jason Schwartzman
  15. Kris Allen
  16. Madonna
  17. Mario Lopez
  18. Michael Phelps
  19. Nicola Peltz
  20. Vanessa Hudgens

Lady Gaga's French bulldogs were stolen at gunpoint in Los Angeles in 2021. A source close to Lady Gaga said the singer was urging anyone who has the dogs to contact and return her pets and claim the reward, no questions asked. A woman who appears to be "uninvolved and unassociated" with the robbery took the Frenchies to a police station on Friday night.

Final Thoughts

Frenchies are indeed one of the most loved dogs in the world. They are easy-going and love to play and spend time with their owners. This wonderful family dog just needs your love and attention!

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