Rise of Pet Detectives Around The World

Rise of Pet Detectives Around The World

Pet detective services are growing in the world as cat and dog ownership rises. For all the heartbroken pet owners around the world, a new breed of dedicated pet detectives are rising to help track down your missing pet.

The size of the pet market in the world is growing in recent years. As the number of pets in the world has risen, so have the disputes between pet owners and other people.

What are pet detectives?

Pet detectives help pet owners find their missing pets. A pet detective is someone who specializes in finding lost, run away, or even stolen pets and reunite them with their owners and homes. These professionals use some of the same procedures that private investigators use to find missing people.

The breed, age, animal, circumstances and the owners are always unique. 

  • Pet detectives work using high tech equipment, collecting physical evidence, DNA testing, identifying tracks and using behavioral profiling to predict distances. 
  • Pet detectives often work with specialized and trained dogs who help track and locate lost animals.
  • They often work in conjunction with a forensic expert, if required.
  • Pet detectives also get in touch with local animal shelters. These shelters get regular updates on lost and found pets in the area.

In the pet detective business, you shouldn’t just count on equipment to find the animals. You count more on experience. 

Pet prevention tips

We must understand that prevention is key to protect our pets from getting lost. Here are a few pet prevention tips: 

  • Don't give escape routes to your pets. Locks on all gates at all times.
  • Have your pet microchipped with up-to-date information.
  • Keep ID tags with up-to-date information on your pet at all times.
  • Install security cameras with posted signs.
  • Get to know your neighbors and request them that if they ever see your pet out to call you right away.
  • Cats are safe when indoors. Keep cats outside in enclosures only.
  • Have a GPS tracker for your escape artist.

Pet detective services

If your pet is missing, don’t spend days driving around at random, call the experts! The pet detectives do exist, although there are just a handful operating in the world.

    • The UKPD United Kingdom Pet Detectives is the leading Private Detective Agency in the United Kingdom that specialises in recovering stolen or missing cats, dogs and other pets.
    • Pet search and rescue USA are helping many people in the recovery of their missing pets.
    • Pet Detective UK covers all lost, stolen and missing feline and dog cases through UK, France, Germany and across mainland Europe. They are qualified in the recovery of missing and lost cats and lost and stolen dogs.
    • Missing and Stolen Pet Investigators Australia are a free service that utilises the public to help track down your pet.
If your pet does go missing, act quickly and hire the professionals.
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