6 Ways To Celebrate Responsible Dog Ownership Month

6 Ways To Celebrate Responsible Dog Ownership Month

Can you believe that dogs have been with us for more than 14,000 years? These incredible four-legged companions hold the title of being a man’s best friend and are a source of ultimate joy and comfort.

It is important to understand that as a dog owner, you are responsible for good health, comfort, and safety of your dog. Every September marks the beginning of Responsible Dog Ownership Month! So, ready to take steps to be a better human for your dog in September?

There are all sorts of things you can do to enrich your dog’s life to celebrate Responsible Dog Ownership Month. Here are six ways to celebrate Responsible Dog Ownership Month:

  • Get out and exercise
  • Regular physical activity is a huge part of your dog’s life. Responsible Dog Ownership Month is a wonderful time to bond with your dog while burning a few extra calories. Exercise helps to stimulate your dog mentally and physically. It can help your dogs get rid of their pent up energy and prevent boredom, behavioural issues, and anxiety in dogs. Responsible dog ownership requires you to discover the kind of exercise your dog loves.

  • Take care of their health and wellness
  • Celebrate Responsible Dog Ownership Month by providing proper nutrition, attending regular vet check-ups for your dog, and seeking appropriate dental care. A healthy diet and good nutrition contribute to the overall health and happiness of your furry mate. Give your dog a diet that's tailored to his age, gender, and activity level. 

  • Teach your dog a new trick
  • Nothing beats teaching some cool and easy tricks to your dog. Teaching new tricks is a fun bonding experience for you and your furry pal. It's a fun and fulfilling way to celebrate responsible dog ownership. Try to teach your dog 'shake hand' or high five which is quite simple and cute. You can even teach your dog to spin or take a bow. 

  • Socialize your pup
  • Socialization is important for the well-being of your furry pal. Celebrate Responsible Dog Ownership Month by setting up positive interactions with other people and pets. Socialization reduces your dog's anxiety and makes them more confident. Your fur buddy will learn that making friends, listening and interacting with others is all fun!

  • Put safety first
  • Keeping your dog safe is an important part of being a responsible dog parent. It's unfortunate that dog theft is happening increasingly around the world. Consider having your dog microchipped and make sure that your yard is well secured. Before heading out for a walk, make sure you have an anti-theft dog’s collar, harness, and leash.

  • Give plenty of love
  • The love between you and your dog is an amazing tool. The more you spend time with your dog, the more you understand them and the more you love them. Celebrate Responsible Dog Ownership Month by letting your furry friend know how much you love them. This will make them happy and content and can actually increase their life expectancy. A little cuddling and love can go a long way! 

    Final thoughts 

    Too many dogs are neglected in Australia. and around the world. So this month, outdo yourself in being a force to reverse that trend. What better time than Responsible Dog Ownership Month to protect and secure your beloved dog with safely-secured anti-theft leads, collars, harnesses and belts?

    Happy Responsible Dog Ownership Month!

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