5 Ways To Prevent Your Pet From Getting Dognapped

5 Ways To Prevent Your Pet From Getting Dognapped

As a pet parent, one of the worst nightmares is dognapping. It’s a terrible experience for both dog and dog owners. Dognapping is sadly on the rise in the US, UK, and Australia. 

Keep reading to learn why dognapping happens and how do you prevent it in the first place. 

Dognapping: The shocking stats

Due to the sharp rise in demand for dogs during the pandemic, and the resulting surge in prices, criminals are seeing dognapping as an easy way to make money.

Here are the most shocking dognapping and dog theft statistics:

  • An estimated two million pets are stolen every year in the United States.
  • Thefts often involve high-value dogs like French Bulldogs and smaller breeds such as Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers. These dogs are easy to grab and run with.
  • More than 80% of missing pets are never found.
  • The National Pet Theft Database found a 31% increase in dognappings in recent years.

How to keep your dog safe from getting dognapped

You obviously want your pet to be safe. Here are 5 useful tips that you should follow to protect your dog from dognappers.

Don't walk the same route everyday:

Taking the same route daily is comfortable both for dogs and their owners, but it’s not really safe. Try to vary your walks and alternate the routes from time to time so that you are not following the same routes every day. Most dognapping cases are planned. The dognappers see a person walking their dog daily, on the same route, at the same hour. This helps them to know when to hit. 

Be wary of strangers who ask for too many details:

Dog parents feel proud to talk about their pups, but be careful around strangers who start asking for too many details and questions. Often, dognappers try to determine how much a pup is worth, and if they’re spayed or neutered before taking them. Be very cautious with your dog’s information, particularly about how much your dog costs.

Microchip your dog:

You can consider having your dog microchipped. These chips are designed to last your dog's entire lifetime. The microchip is encoded with unique and current identification and is implanted just under the skin between the shoulder blades. Your dog can be scanned and anyone can get in touch with you.

Try and walk with someone, if possible:

Consider walking in pairs but keep your focus on your dog. Whenever possible, walk your dog with a friend or family member. Stay aware of your surroundings and don’t leave your dogs unattended anywhere unless locked up. 

Get an anti-theft dog snatching belt: 

If you are walking your dog in public, keep him on a lead. Protect your beloved dog with a Safely Secured an Anti-theft Dog Snatching belt. It may look like a regular belt, but there is a surprise lurking beneath them (hidden stainless steel). You can clip your lock onto the belt when you feel worried about approaching people. If a dognapper tries to snatch the dog, he won’t be able to because your pooch is attached to you with your anti-theft dog snatching belt. This gives you valuable time to shout and make noise to make them run away.

Enjoy peace of mind when you walk your dogs outside, they will be safely secured with an Anti-theft Dog Snatching belt.

What other tips do you have for people who want to protect their dogs from getting dognapped? Share your thoughts with us. We hope your pet stays safe and ready for more fun tomorrow.

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