What are the essentials to take with you when travelling with your dog

What are the essentials to take with you when travelling with your dog

Going for a weekend trip and wanting to take your furry friend along? Travelling with your dog ca be one of the best experiences for both you and your pet.

Most dogs love to explore new places and the new sights and sounds will excite them and give them a sense of adventure. Not to mention the endless memories you will be able to create together in a new destination. Really nothing beats being able to take your four-legged friend with you on a holiday!

Before you set off on your trip, make sure that you start to organise your accommodation and things to pack list well ahead of time, so that the time away is enjoyable for both you and your pet. Make sure to book accommodation that is pet friendly, as you don’t want any surprises of them denying you when you arrive with your dog.

Also don’t make the mistake of assuming that just because a hotel is pet friendly that it will have all the items your dog needs. It’s always good to bring your own supplies so that your dog is already comfortable with these items, and you know that you will be prepared for any situation. Here you will find a list of essentials to take with you with travelling with your dog:

Food & Treats

Your dog won’t want to come on holiday with you if you’re without their favourite food and treats! Make sure you pack enough food for the trip, as well as some extra just in case. When storing food for your dog be sure to ensure that the container it is kept in is airtight so that it does not spoil during journey. You will also need to pack a food bowl for them to eat out of which can either be a traditional bowl or a collapsible one as above.

Collapsible water bowl

Fresh drinking water is something that your pet should have access to at all times. Packing their regular drinking bowl can be an option but if you’re looking to save space a collapsible one will do the job just fine. There are so many options for these nowadays so you can choose what size suits your dog’s needs, and you can even get ones that have a clip attached to them that can be secured onto your logs leash or harness so you never have to be without it. Make sure you actually pack some water too! Often, it’s easy to forget this as we assume it will always be available, but you’ll thank yourself for bringing some when you’re on a long car ride and your pet is looking for a drink.

Pet carrier 

This one depends on your pets’ size. You’re not going to be lugging around your German Shepard in your arms! However, if you have a small to medium sized dog, consider bringing a pet carrier. This comes in handy when you want to transport your dog in areas that they are unable to walk into and it would be convenient to have if they need to be contained for a minute or two. You can even consider bringing along a soft collapsible playpen as your dog may prefer to sleep in their own designated area if you are staying in a hotel.

Waste Bags

It’s a given that you should clean after your dog when it does its business – while you’re away is no different. Make sure you pick a heavy-duty option, as you don’t want any ripping of the bag or any smells to leak out! Have more of these on hand than you think you will need – it’s always better to have spares than be stuck without!

First Aid

We know that having a first aid kit for ourselves is an essential and this is no different for your dog. No matter how careful we are, accidents can happen, and dogs really are curious creatures that can get up to a lot of mischief. A box of essential items to deal with minor injuries such as tweezers, gauze, bandages and dog friendly disinfectant is super handy to have to tie you over until a vet visit if necessary. There are also pre-packaged dog first aid kits that you can purchase to save you from finding each individual item yourself. On the topic of health, always ensure that your dog is up to date with their vaccinations before they travel, so they can have both a fun and safe trip.

Wet Wipes

This one is especially important if you are going away in especially wet weather as mud can be a serious problem for your furry friend. Even if you are travelling during summer, a packet of dog friendly wet wipes is a great way to ensure that your pooch will always be clean and smelling fresh. This also keeps your car from getting dirty from unwashed paws. 

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